Photo by Kinsey Mhire

I’m a New Jersey-born, Midwest-raised photographer currently living in the desert of Arizona. I’m married to my perfect match, Griffin McGrath, who works for the Assemblies of God in Arizona. We are happily married with a little bundle of joy, our tiny little pup, Alby Q McGrath.

Here you will find my photography & be able to peek into my life! I’m hoping this blog will be an avenue for me to share the journey my husband & I have been on with trying to grow our family after 6 miscarriages. My goal is to bring light to God’s faithfulness through these trials & know this pain is not in vain. Coming here, you aren’t going to get a highlight reel but real life struggles, victories, & discoveries.

To contact me or set up a shoot, email me at bethanykmcgrath@gmail.com

Much love to everyone!



  1. Hi there. Just wanted to day I love your photos – you have such a gift!! Saw your photos of Nixa prom with Dallas Leeper and Trevor Hill and went to your web site. Love the photos with Felicia…def would like to get someof my daughter done along those lines…We have some time, as Frankie is just ending her Junior year, but just wanted to touch base – I’m a fan!

  2. Thank you Bethany for being so real! I am truly touch by your testimony. I had a fibroid tumor in my uterus I worried I would never be able to carry a child. My obgyn had referred me to a fibroid specialist and after 3 months of test my husband and I decided to go through with the surgery to remove the fibroid. Six months after the surgery the specialist had given us the approval to start TTC. We were so excited this was mid July2015 I hadn’t had my cycle yet…A month later I took a test and it was Postive. At 6 weeks we saw our little Miracle Baby and heard our baby’s heart beat. At 8 weeks I went in for another ultrasound there was no heartbeat ad baby was measure 6weeks and 5 days. My miscarriage has been really hard on me (While it has brought my husband and I closer; I miss the feeling of being pregnant and since Mother Day I’ve had a thriving desire to want hold our baby.) My husband and I decide that we were going to wait a few months before we start TTC again. Now present time: My husband and I have been TTC since March and every month since has been negative , not only do I get discouraged but a same time I fear another miscarriage. I say all this because your strength and your ability to continue to have faith inspires me, and makes me hopeful. I will be praying for You and Griffin!

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