Family Photos // Summer 2017


Hey friends! I’m back finally! Having a baby, taking care of a house, & doing 4 weeks of camp have really taken up my time. Summer is always our busiest season, & we aren’t slowing down quite yet. We will be home for a little bit, but we are leaving again soon for California. We have had a great summer so far even with the 115 degree temperatures (it’s gotten up to 118, but thankfully we weren’t home then)! We got to have a little staycation in Flagstaff, AZ for a week, & I will be posting some photos & hopefully videos from that here soon.

A few updates on our Myler (he’s 6 months now & 4 months in the photos below)…

He is crawling all over the place now // I definitely wasn’t prepared for this step!
He currently has 5 teeth // Send me links to your favorite teethers/gum massagers
He LOVES the water // swimming, bathtime, you name it!
He’s still all smiles & has the funniest expressions
He’s still exclusively nursing, which I’m so proud of // he did have one bite of watermelon & banana for fun
We celebrated the 4th together as a family for his 1st Independence Day
He loves to talk // very loud, I might add :)
He has transitioned out of his Bassinest to a pack n play // we still don’t own a crib
He can sometimes have a bit of an attitude & is already being stubborn // w/ us as parents, that doesn’t surprise me lol
He has the bluest eyes that captivate everyone
He’s such a little flirt to anyone that talks to him
He’s finally starting to take longer naps during the day!! // hoping it continues!

Those are just a few things I wanted to share with you! Thanks to Armor & Ash Photography in Florida for these beautiful family photos we took when Myler was about 4 months old.






  1. Beautiful family! Love the Myler updates! Praying the rest of your summer is amazing!

  2. Wow Bethany, your journal brings me back….6 times to be exact! So busy with Myler, the ministry, your blog, family stuff, living out of suitcases, and let’s not forget the “Hubby” and you still manage to always have a smile on your face and look absolutely gorgeous! Knowing how all of these things (plus everything I DIDN’T mention) can really drain a person, I will be praying that the Lord will give you the grace and strength needed to get through each day.

    Give Myler a big hug for me XOXO

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